Stun Devices

Empower yourself with extreme stopping power when you need it most. You'll also benefit from a built-in 80-lumen LED flashlight featuring high, low and strobe settings which may help you disorient from a distance, possibly allowing you to escape to safety before needing to use the stun feature.

Police Force Tactical Stun Flashlight
39.99 USD

The Police Force 9,200,000 Tactical Stun Flashlight may just be the best compact tactical Stun Flashlight on the market today. Using advanced technology to create a superior tactical stun flashlight,

Holster and Wrist Strap Included

The JOLT Police Tactical Stun Flashlight
25.99 USD

50,000,000* is made of military grade aluminum alloy and packs the stun and flashlight power of large stun batons into a unit only a little larger than seven inches long!

Powerful Protection
Holster and Wrist Strap Included
Warranty: 5 year warranty.

Nightstick Stun Baton
42.99 USD

Smith & Wesson Nightstick 7,000,000 Stun Baton

Powerful Stun Baton
• "Grab Guard" Stun Strips
• Rechargeable
• Long Reach
• Bright LED Flashlight
• Rubberized Armor Coating
• Holster Included
• Lifetime Warranty

Mini Barbarian Stun Baton Flashlight
43.99 USD

Powerful Stun Baton
Military Grade Aluminum Alloy
Triple Stun Technology
Long Reach
Blinding 3 Watt CREE LED Light
3 Light Modes
Metal Clip and Wrist Strap Included
Lifetime Warranty

Striking Weapon
87.99 USD

950,000 Volts Striking Weapon Ultrabright LED

ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun
102.99 USD

ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun with Flashlight

1 Million Volts
Adjustable 32-36" Long
Weight Capacity - up to 250lb
Safety Switch
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
1 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
Carry Case included for FREE!

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