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Welcome VCA Partners, and thank you for your interest in partnering with IDTS and providing your employees and/or at risk women & children the opportunity to obtain a powerful online tool that will teach them to identify dangerous situations and how to avoid becoming a victim. 


We have provided a description of each training curriculums to make your order as easy as possible. 


You have a choice how you want your unique code to be distributed, you can have your codes sent to persons of your choice or you can choose to have IDTS to distribute the codes to an at-risk under-privileged individual. (please indicate your distribution choose below).


As a CPP you can purchase as many curricula codes as you like if you are purchasing a code for an at-risk underprivileged individual including single parents,  victim/survivors, teen, or anti-trafficking organization. IDTS will provide the code to an individual or anti-trafficking organization who has been pre-qualified. 


The codes cannot be duplicated and or shared once they have been activated.


Complete the form below, we will send your order form and invoice shortly (all training curriculums are available for 100% trade).


Please complete the form below first and then scroll down and place your order.


Each curriculum is $35.00


For information Sponsorship Packages please contact us at 


Child Predator Profiles


This is an in-depth training for parents. You will learn how to identify predatory behaviors of pedophiles, online predators, manipulation luring tactics of pimps, and much more.


Family Dynamics of Abuse


Whether the abuse is happening in your own family or in your community it is critical to know the warning signs and how to identify &  protect children from abuse.

Predators we Trust -  "Innocence Lost"


Sexual assault, a missing child, abduction, and sex trafficking are frightening crimes for both the victims and parents alike, this powerful training is a parent's first line of defense in protecting their children.

Romeo Pimp & The Lure


Who is really behind the mask? Learn how to identify the "Romeo Pimp", This vital training will teach you how to identify them and what to do if you find that your daughter is a target.


Romeo Pimp & The Interview


It's vital that young girls understand the luring & manipulation used by the Romeo Pimp, this training will help them see him clearly, from the interview process to the trauma bond, and give them the skills need to protect themselves. 

Predators & The Digital Age -Protecting your kids


This training is a powerful tool for you to learn how to identify online predators methods, understand how porn damages a child's brain & train parents how to protect their children from the unseen predators before it's too late.

Breaking The Rape Culture 


More than 150,000 students at 27 universities participated in the AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct, of the students, find out the staggering stats, the accepted behaviors of frats and how to protect your daughter before she leaves for college. 

In Constant Danger "Faces in the Crowd"


Less than 2% of rapist are caught and convicted. According to the FBI NCIC report, there were 418,859 missing women in 2010 & continues to climb.


The good news is that 90% of all assaults and/or victimizations can be avoided by changing habits and implementing the techniques in this training. They will learn how to identify pre-contact cues, the interview process, 4 faces of a rapist and much more.  

ABC'S of Self Protection


The military prepares for battle before the battle occurs. A police officer wears a bulletproof vest for protection in case he is shot. This is a strategic active form of defense, 90% of assaults can be prevented, find out how.

Identifying Bully Intimidation Tactics


Parents have always wondered what causes a bully to act out, find out who they are and how to protect your child​ before it's too late.

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