Executive Team


Marilyn Parker             Founder / CEO
William Heath              Marketing Director
Jaline Santos               Executive Assistant           
Ricky Manning             Director of Training Anti - Assault


System Development Team 
Marilyn Parker
Dan Huber
Gabriela Foster
Luke Ostenfield
Justin Hayes
Shawn Beli 


Lead Trainers


Shawn Banzahf  

Jodi Banzhaf
Alnna Case
Jeffery Kline

Andy Izard

Kayla Izard
Catherine Ramirez
Yestina Ravouri
Temi Alaja
Daniel Flavin

Daniel Lingenfelter
Maddi Mendoza




Awareness and education are the first steps of prevention. It is important that we all come together and take a proactive stance against the epidemic of violent assaults against women & children! 


I am proud to work with International Defensive Training Systems, and I hope you will all join me in the fight against Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), Domestic Violence, Sexual Assaults, and Abduction.


There is no strength without unity! Stand for prevention of trafficking, abuse, assault, and abduction!


DeWayne Lewis


World Champion, NFL Star &

President/CEO of Top Onyx Granite & Fabrication

The Phoenix Dream Center


"The training by International Defensive Training was tremendously powerful for our Team.  The training was thorough, informative and provided great insight for all of my team of staff and outreach workers and persons who conduct work in our facility on the streets and in somewhat risky situations.  



The preventative, post victimization systems and the 6 point de-escalation system are all powerful tools for Homeless, Domestic Violence, and Sex Trafficking Rescue Projects. I highly recommend this training for any organization and or company that has a rescue project, outreach workers or person who are in the field".


Brian D. Steele, Executive Director, The Phoenix Dream Center

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