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My first experience with IDTS was quite a rude awakening, but one I feel was extremely valuable. I am a mother of 4 wonderful children, all of us tending to be trusting and wanting to serve those around us as much as possible.


I really feel like the course we took through IDTS helped to balance out my concern and love for others with my DIRECT concern and love for my children. I believe my number one job on this earth is to raise and protect my children before anyone else. I am so thankful for Marilyn, all the volunteers, and this organization for helping my children and I to “wake up” to the possibilities that could happen instead of naively thinking if we do good, bad won’t happen.


I trust in a God that is greater than all, and no matter what will take care of us. But I also believe, in this fallen world, we need to honor the life He has given us, and use the minds and intuition He has given us, to be aware of the threats that are out there.


My children and I all took a course with IDTS, and we listened as stories were shared of atrocities that have been committed, unimaginable for me at one time, and we learned how, in certain situations, to protect ourselves from becoming victims.  I can not express my thankfulness for all the work they are doing. For so many girls, women, and families. I pray God will bless this company for their hearts to protect and defend against the evil that is so prevalent in our world.


Crystal S.


My name is Missy, at the age of 14 I was groomed by my “boyfriend” he was really a pimp…I thought he was cool, he showered me with gifts, took me out and bought me things…until one day, he talked me into having sex with this guy because we needed the money,  I did it because I “loved him”…That wasn’t  love…that day I  was sold to 7 guys, I lost my soul that day and for the next 10 years I was a slave, a sex slave even when he went to prison, I still didn’t know who I was.


Marilyn has played a key roll in my life from that very first day, even now 24 years later; Marilyn never gave up on finding me, she worked with the vice cops (which I hated her for back then). She would find me and take me back home, and he would send someone to snatch me again, after 7 ½ long years she finally got the chance to get him busted, my life changed that day for the better, I now have 2 beautiful daughters and a granddaughter.


If had had the training that Marilyn and her team provides today I would have been able to recognize that he was a con, a pimp, a woman beater who had no conscience about selling me as many times in a day that he could. 


If you have children I BEG you to put them in this training it will keep them from a life of hell, no child deserves what the happens to them as a trafficking victim.



"Awesome, amazing, powerful...this training really showed me that I can do this, that I can protect myself if something bad were to happen to me or to my family.  I really loved the hands- on training approach and the way they walked me through the moves.  Awesome event!"  - Rachel Cabelkla, Outreach Worker Phoenix Dream Center


"I am so impressed with the moves, so technical yet so simple.  I've had training in marshall arts but this is so great to see move's that are so easily taught to people."  -  Ben Garcia, Outreach Driver Phoenix Dream Center


First off I want to thank Marilyn and her staff for putting on the Anti - Abduction Class. My 10 year old son and nephew took the class together, which was great!


I liked how the boys learned how to be aware of their surroundings and all the different approaches on how someone could try and take them and how to get away, which they will never forget.


I was amazed at how Marilyn and her staff made the boys feel comfortable before, during and even after the class. They gave them confidence I have never seen before. I think this class really opened the boy's eyes and prepared them for the unknown.


I would recommend this class to everyone who has kids! The more our kids are aware and prepared the better chance they have of surviving!


Again, Thanks for the class


Best regards,
Amanda Vorderstrasse

Dear Marilyn,


I wanted to thank you for coming to my school and teaching my girl scouts all about your Anti - Abduction program. This was by far the best education and hands-on education class I have ever come across. I was amazed at how the instructor taught each girl how to get away from a stranger in all different kinds of scenarios. The girls were a little scared at first to be picked up and carried off, but became pros by the end of the class with tons of new found confidence.


This was all because of the knowledge you provided to my girls. The knowledge that sticks with them because of the way the class was conducted. My daughter talks about how awesome it was all the time and how much fun it was! They loved it! So cool,


Thanks again!!

Nicole Crawford


Marilyn Parker's National Defensive Training is amazing beyond words! Its so unique. Nothing I ever experienced. I have a background in Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga and Kickboxing.


Nothing that prepared me for surprise attacks while laying down alone in my bedroom or in a public bathroom or in my car or running around in a park- like a real-life predator would. I feel it's because I got stuck behind that martial arts formality and forgot predators don't fight honorably.

No such thing as face to face fighting stance or your opponent being matched with same height and weight. Real life street scum attack from behind- breaking all the rules of honor. This  Defensive Training is that light we all been waiting for!


Marilyn Parker wanted to create a Solution not a Band-Aid to growing numbers of assault and kidnapping. Obviously, whatever out there is not working or we wouldn't have such sickening numbers right?! Kidnapping every 40 seconds. Rapes every 3 minutes. Facts prove everything. She developed a variety of techniques that work for any woman & child with no martial arts background! The less you know about self- defense, the easier for you to absorb the program.

National Defensive Training's mission is simple. To help take the fear out of the picture by empowering women and children by education and training.

What you don't know, will kill you. Period. Classes are more affordable and shorter than  Martial Arts Training BUT this training can prepare you for martial arts later as well.


My 10 year- old daughter and I learned some killer moves and we had so much fun learning!.


Cherrilyn Mamangon

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