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Our  Prevention Education "Inside the Mind of a Predator" series is a high impact training for teens, women & parents. This training provides solutions for two major issues; the lack of in-depth education into the mindset and methods of sexual predators and how to prevent victimization by breaking predatory methods, this training is the 1st line of defense for parents to protect their children, and themselves.


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Child Predator Profiles Package
139.99 USD

Learn how to identify predatory behaviors of pedophiles, online predators, manipulation luring tactics of pimps, and solutions


Predators in The Digital Age
Family Dynamics of Abuse
Romeo & The Lure
Romeo & The Interview

Romeo Pimp & The Lure
34.99 USD

Romeo Pimp & The Lure

The man behind the mask. Learn how to identify the "Romeo Pimp", This vital training will teach you how to identify them and what to do if you find that your daughter is a target.

Romeo & The Interview
34.99 USD

It's vital that young girls understand the luring & manipulation used by the Romeo Pimp. This training will help them see him clearly, from the interview process to the trauma bond, and give them the skills need to protect themselves.

Predators & The Digital Age "Protecting your Kids"
34.99 USD

This training is a powerful tool in learning how to identify online predators methods, understand how porn damages a child's brain & train parents how to protect their children from the unseen predators before it's too late.

Predators we Trust "Inncocence Lost"
34.99 USD

Sexual assault, a missing child, abduction, and sex trafficking are frightening crimes for both the victims and parents alike. This powerful training is a parent's first line of defense in protecting their children.

Family Dynamics of Abuse
29.99 USD

Whether the abuse is happening in your own family or in your community, it is critical to know the warning signs and how to identify & protect children from abuse.

Breaking Bully Intimidation Tactics
34.99 USD

Parents have always wondered what causes a bully to act out; Find out who they are and how to protect your child​ before it's too late.

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