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Our  Prevention Education "Inside the Mind of a Predator" series is a high impact training for teens, women & parents. This training provides solutions for two major issues; the lack of in-depth education into the mindset and methods of sexual predators and how to prevent victimization by breaking predatory methods, this training is the 1st line of defense for parents to protect their children, and themselves.


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Child Protection Package
49.99 USD

Learn how to identify predatory behaviors of pedophiles, online predators, and pimps, and how to protect your child.


Predators in The Digital Age
Innocence Lost
Family Dynamics of Abuse

The Romeo Pimp & The Lure
The Romeo Pimp & The Interview

Anti-Trafficking The man behind the mask
19.99 USD

Learn how to identify the "Romeo Pimp", This vital training will teach you and your daughter how to identify the Romeo Pimp and what to do if you find that your daughter is being lured, groomed, manipulated, and or coerced.

FS 102
Breaking Bully Intimidation Tactics
19.99 USD

Parents have always wondered what causes a bully to act out; Find out who they are and how to protect your child before it's too late.

FS 103
In Constant Danger "4 Faces of a Rapist"
19.99 USD

According to an FBI NCIC report, the number of violent assaults shows no signs of slowing down. 90% of all assaults and/or victimizations can be avoided. Learn how to identify pre-contact cues, the interview process, 4 faces of a rapist and much more.

FS 104
ABC'S of Self Protection
19.99 USD

The ABC'S of Self Protection is a strategic active form of defense 90% of assaults can be prevented, Find out how.

FS 105
Breaking The College Rape Culture
19.99 USD

84% of the women who are raped on campus knew their assailants

57% of the rapes occurred on a date at a frat party

Make sure that your daughter FULLY understands the dangers of the campus "party scene”, dangers of peer pressure & recruitment during “Rush Week”.

FS 106
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